Health and Safety

The safety of all employees in the workplace is the priority and legislative requirement according to the Model Workplace health and Safety Act 2011, Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 2011 and codes of practice which have been developed governing best practices within general industry to ensure workplace safety.


With the governance of legislation ensuring compliance, health and safety is the responsibility of all employees in the workplace at all levels.


Challenges in the workplace will always be present and continual improvement management system is required to ensure sustainably of an operational future.


An establishment of a Workplace Health and Safety Strategy needs to be established to deliver a continual improvement system, this strategy needs to be excepted by all to ensure compliance and sustainability and help develop a flexible culture.


The organisation continual improvement strategy system steps are:

  • Commitment and policy,
  • planning,
  • Implementation,
  • Measurement & evaluation,
  • Review & improvement.