I Can Dig It’s Profile



                                   Our Mission 

Our mission is to produce the best quality of work that is expected by our clients, with our professionalism and capability we will provide the highest level of service you deserve. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction; our aim is to make your project run as smoothly as possible, this will be achieved by our core values and the way our people think, act and feel.


Integrity We have strong moral values and principles that deliver our commitment

Safety providing a safe and healthy working environment for people

ReliabilityWe have consistent performance and are dependable and trustworthy

ExcellenceOur focus is to be creative and strive to find better ways to do our work


                                Vision statement

I Can Dig It has a vision is to be the leading business of choice in road construction and maintenance sector. We are always watching the industry and searching to have the most optimal edge to provide our clients with the best choice that the industry has to offer. As we monitor the industry for technical changes, this will provide us with our plans to equip ourselves with the latest equipment. With this vision, places us in a leading position and helps provide clients with momentum and peace of mind.


I can dig it has already meeting it short term goals by embedding itself in the local construction and maintenance industry. I can dig it, long term goal is to expand into the heavy profiling industry and increase its service to regional Queensland and interstate. The strategy is to foster alliances with other business operating in the industry and evolve ourselves to be in a competitive position.